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StimuliteⓇ Honeycomb Bath Mitt


One Size / 9" x 6"

What it is:

A luxurious, exfoliating bath mitt to clean and strengthen skin on the body.

Supracor's StimuliteⓇ Honeycomb Bath Mitt is an exfoliating body mitt made with recyclable materials and an innovative honeycomb design:

  • Recyclable Thermoplastic for antibacterial, antifungal and mildew resistant properties
  • StimuliteⓇ Honeycomb Pattern for increased blood flow and skin cell renewal benefits

How it works:

This sophisticated StimuliteⓇ Honeycomb technology was originally developed from the aerospace program. Its flexibility and exfoliating qualities make it easy to scrub away dead skin cells while massaging and stimulating the lymphatic system, flushing out the toxins that create cellulite. This stimulation also increases blood flow that helps promote the generation of new skin cells, making skin stronger and more firm. Tear-resistant Thermoplastic is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and mildew resistant making it extremely hygienic. The outcome is clean, fresh and healthy skin.

How to use:

Use in the shower with bar, gel or liquid body soap. Lather the mitt and scrub all over the body. Rinse the mitt thoroughly after each use, shake out excess water and hang to air-dry. Continue your shower as normal.

Heather's tip:

This is my favorite thing to use in the shower. I highly recommend using this bath mitt with the Planet Luxe Body Wash.

Do Not Use On The Face.

Do Not Use Chlorine Bleach.


Thermoplastic Urethane Elastomer.

Outer packaging and bath mitt are fully recyclable.

Made in USA.