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Patrick Dempsey sitting on Porsche

Getting into Bed with Patrick Dempsey

The actor, race-car driver, and “sexiest man” of 2023 reveals hisnighttime routine in exquisite detail


JANUARY 5, 2024



It’s not terribly shocking that Patrick Dempsey, an actor known for playing the seductive neurosurgeon “McDreamy” on Grey’s Anatomy, was anointed People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” What was surprising was that it happened nearly eight years after he’d left the show. The People honor was actually connected to his splashy role in Ferrari, the high-octane biopic of Enzo Ferrari. Co-starring Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz, the film features Dempsey as Italian race-car driver Piero Taruffi.(Naturally, as a sexy and alive man, Dempsey’s been motor racing for nearly two decades and spends much of his time competing.) Here, he takes us through an evening routine that proves he lives up to his title.


WHEN DO YOU START GETTING READY FOR BED? I like winding down on the earlier side. Having a steam and a shower is the best way to start.

TAKE US THROUGH YOUR NIGHTTIME SKIN-CARE ROUTINE. I use the Shani Darden Cleansing Serum on my face, and follow it with Retrouvé’s eyecream and a nighttime moisturizer—on my neck too. Once a week I do a mask my wife, Jillian, conjures up for me. It’s usually a clay mask or something she has from Japan. I do get regular facials with Heather Bradley. She keeps my skin the best it can be.

DO YOU ADD ANY STEPS WHEN YOU’RE FILMING? A Sisley facial scrub exfoliating enzyme mask if the makeup is on the heavier side, which I try to avoid. My wife gave me the masks. I keep them in the shower.
I use a heavier facial cream if I am too dry. I use my wife’s line, Jillian Dempsey, the most. The hydrating eye masks, moisturizer, and the vibrating Gold Bar.

WHAT DO YOU EAT AND DRINK BEFORE BED? I usually drink sparkling water and sometimes get really wild by adding flavor for a mocktail with a twist of lemon over ice. I stopped drinking many years ago and that helped tremendously with my skin. After I stopped, I lost that facial bloat and my dark undereye circles.
My daughter is a pastry chef, so that can be dangerous. I tend to like oatmeal-raisin cookies if those are in the oven.

DO YOU WATCH ANYTHING BEFORE BED? I fall asleep listening to audiobooks most nights. [Recently] On Great Fields, by Ronald C. White; Away Off Shore, by Nathaniel Philbrick; and The Power Broker, by Robert Caro. I also watch a lot of sports—soccer, motorsport, cycling, football, golf, and ski racing. Sometimes that takes over the audiobooks.

WHAT’S ONE THING YOU HAVE TO DO BEFORE GETTING INTO BED? Always check in with my kids to say good night, no matter what is happening.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR PAJAMAS. THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW. Most nights it’s underwear. I love the wool dressing gowns by Daniel Hanson.

ARE YOU PARTICULAR ABOUT YOUR SLEEP CONDITIONS? My wife and I sleep with an air purifier on, and usually keep the room on the colder side.

ONTO THE BED … A Beauty Rest mattress and sheets and duvet by Frette with a large Hermès blanket. Alot of pillows are happening. Some silk ones for a wrinkle-free face, according to my wife.

WHERE IS YOUR ALL-TIME FAVORITE PLACE TO SLEEP? In a winter environment with snow outside, warm inside. I prefer Maine, because I like the brisk cold air and a fireplace.

TELL US ABOUT THE BEST NIGHT’S SLEEP YOU’VE EVER HAD. When our very old family dog doesn’t wake me up at five A.M., which hasn’t happened in quite some time. She’s sweet, so I am O.K. about it.

Jensen Davis is a Senior Editor at AIR MAIL
Photo: Alexi Lubomirski/August Images

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