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Hollywood Beauty Secrets

Hollywood Beauty Secrets

Published in the Hollywood Beauty Secrets Newsletter

One of the best kept secrets in Brentwood, CA. is the Bradley Signature Sweep™, performed by “Master Skin Transforming Guru" Heather Bradley.  I’m usually not into facials, but THIS is something different. 

The Bradley Signature Sweep™ is a non-invasive and highly effective skin exfoliating treatment. The entire process takes about 120 minutes. This unique artisan scraping treatment combines various peels and derma-planing (sweeping) to remove vellus hairs, old and new upper dermis skin cells, and any growths on the skin. 

With a feather-lite scalpel and gentle precision, Heather herself, gently and carefully scrapes the epidermis. Derma-planing stimulates the body’s own repair system, causing a collagen micro-fibro blast, increased blood flow and circulation, andactivation of healthy oil and natural protein production; resulting in radiant skin and strengthened tissue. Derma-planing is a great way to rejuvenate the skin. It’s also beneficial to those who wish to resurface uneven skin due to acne scars or pock marked skin. For best results, Heather would recommend treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart, as skin cells begin to turn over.

The treatment is very relaxing with no downtime.  Afterward the skin absorbs products more effectively. So I applied my peptide and hyaluronic acid-rich Skin Uplift Serum in the day and night. Another good choice, especially during these dry weather conditions, is Night Perfect Serum. Both serums will help to speed the healing process, enhance plumpness, elasticity and hydration in the skin after derma-planing.

Heather has been a medical esthetician for over 15 years. She is endorsed by Behrooz Torkian, MD., a leading plastic surgeon at Beverly Hills’ Lasky Clinics and is supported by the research of the Harvard professor and scientist, Marcelo Friere. Surprisingly, the 2 hour treatment costs only $225.00 at Bradley Beauty. For appointments, call or text 1-323-363-9682 and don’t forget to visit her website at

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