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Why are women lining up to have their skin scraped?

Our friend and Olie fan, Heather Bradley is one of LA’s top celebrity facialists and best-kept anti-aging secrets. She’s spent years mastering skin-healing techniques under the world’s leading instructors, and developed the Bradley Signature Scrape—our latest skincare obsession! We sat down with her to talk about the benefits of skin scraping and get her expert beauty tips.

What is the Bradley Signature Scrape?

It’s my own special dermaplaning treatment (also called blading or leveling the skin). It’s a power-packed two-hour anti-aging facial that includes three steps of intense exfoliation followed by a medley of serums and face food, including Olie’s 006 Calming Oil.

How is the scrape done?

I start with a very thin blade, which I carefully manipulate to scrape away dead skin layers from the chest up through the neck, face and then tightly around the eyes. It’s truly amazing the amount of skin we simply do not get off in other treatments.

What are the benefits?

Smooth, fresh and glowing skin! Dermaplaning removes all of the uneven layers from years of being on this earth fighting the elements and lets the skin breathe freely again. It’s healthy trauma that encourages new cell growth along with proteins and collagen that aid in the healing.

Are there any risks involved?

Dermaplaning does require special skill to avoid nicks and cuts (for my clients and for me!), but it’s not painful or uncomfortable. In fact, a lot of my clients tell me it’s very relaxing. And the results are spectacular.

Why do you think people are gravitating toward dermaplaning vs. lasers or chemical procedures?

The skin LOVES it! And you can’t argue with the results. I also think consumers have become immune to the pomp and circumstance of beauty. They’re looking for more natural solutions. Dermaplaning gives them immediate results with no down time. It wakes up the face but with no burn to it.

What are the advantages to using “green” products on your skin?

The benefit to going green with your skincare is simple. It’s food our skin can digest. I’ve been called a “Skin Chef,” because it’s my job to feed the skin what it needs to stay radiant and healthy. Our bodies understand pure and natural ingredients and our skin literally eats them up – one of my skincare secrets.

Why do you use skincare oils?

Oils are wonderful, but too often overlooked. They’re excellent vehicles to carry other products into the skin or use on their own. I often end treatments with Olie’s 006 Calming Oil to heal and feed the skin, which at that point is so eager to drink up all those nutrients.

Why do you use Olie rather than other organic skincare products?

I love the knowledge behind Olie’s unique oil blends and the results on the skin. The skin digests it so easily! I also love the quality control of Olie products. Oils can be hard to preserve and many are rancid right off the shelves. Olie always smells fresh and feels luxurious.

What’s a skincare mistake most women make?

They don’t understand what they’re putting on their skin. You need to know what’s in that bottle. Keep it pure, natural and simple. They should also remember that beauty doesn’t only come from good genes, little pills and miraculous potions—it radiates from within!

One more tip from Olie founder Linda Thomson:

Skincare can multi-task as make-up! At the end of the day, or when prepping for a night out, refresh your face with a hydrating mist then press a few drops of 005 Rejuvenating Oil over your blush along the highlight areas of your face: tops of the cheekbones, on lip’s cupid’s bow and brush the remainder into your brows.

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