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Meet 5 Under-the-Radar Facialists With Game-Changing Treatments

A look at the five facialists serving game-changing treatments to clients.

The secret to any big-night beauty prep comes down to having the right little black book. And while there is no shortage of big-name facialists in Los Angeles — putting your best, flawless face forward is a job requirement in Hollywood, after all — awards season is as much about up-and-coming talent as it is about the headliners.

Take a look at the city’s best rising beauty stars and the signature treatments they promise will deliver a winning glow. 

Heather Bradley at Bradley Beauty

Veteran aesthetician Heather Bradley’s “Signature Scrape” isn’t half as scary as it sounds. In fact, the two-hour derma-planing treatment, in which she uses a 10-gauge scalpel (and a very steady hand) to gently shave off dead skin, fine “peach fuzz” hair and what she likes to call “barnacles” from the face, neck and decollete is completely noninvasive and painless. “Most clients fall asleep during the treatment; it’s so relaxing,” Bradley says. After a thorough cleanse, the procedure is performed on dry skin and results in an instantly smoother texture and tone, while longer-term effects include the reduced appearance of fine lines and a significant reduction in acne scarring. “Derma-planing is a healthy type of trauma that jumpstarts natural collagen production by increasing cellular turnover and leaves the skin looking really youthful,” she says.

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